Cat ownership

The whole family should agree to buy a cat. There must be no known cat hair allergy with a family member. If there is an allergy suspicion, a test with the allergologistprovides clarity.

If they live alone, they should seek a solution if they are not able to take care of their cat. An animal pensioner or a pet sitter can take over the care of her cat in case of illness. The sameapplies of course to the vacation planning.
Should your cat become a pure flat-cat, or can you enable her freewheel? My own cats, who have been cats for a year and are now free spies, enjoy their freedom and are literally flourishing. But that does not mean that a cat living in the flat does not have fun alive. Rather, here is the human being in demand, who has to constantly come up with new toys and employment opportunities to offer his cat variety. On a busy street, I would prefer a cat to a house-cat rather than risk her death.
If you decide for a kitten, you should plan a lot of time. Also, it makes sense for the first time curtains, etc., where they are very safe to keep safe. An adult cat is already housebroken, but here they need a lot of patience to get used to them and the new environment.
Cats hair, even if they still brush them so often. If they find the idea unbearable that hair will be found on their sofa in the future, or some things are damaged by their sharp claws, they should not buy a cat.
It makes sense to take two cats. As a professional,  they can then work reassured and know their cats well busy. The best choice is litter mates. If you have an adult cat, a tomcat is good for company. Hangovers are not as bitchy as the ladies and usually like to pick up a small kitten or cat.
Generally speaking, hangovers are more like peaceful guys who are sometimes stubborn or phlegmatic. Cats can be very bitchy, sometimes even prickly, but they love everything and have a chat with their human. However, one can only say this flat-rate, since every cat is an individual!
A cat costs about 900 € per year. This includes costs such as cat food, cat litter, toys and vaccine. These costs should be at least scheduled.
If you live in a rented apartment, you should clarify if cat ownership is allowed.
Cats get them on the farm, from the breeder, from the shelter and from private. Therefore, they should consider whether they want a breed cat or a European shorthair (forest and meadow cat). Breeder addresses for breed cats, which can cost up to 1000 €, they get at the DEKZV. No European Shorthair is like the other. They get a little surprise package into the house. In a race cat, they know beforehand what hair color, drawing, etc. they expect.