The Kitties Three: Garfield, Babi, and Raven

I have three rescue kitties. Garfield, my oldest, is a five year old Maine Coon. He was rescued from the streets by a friend and when she passed away, he was still a kitten and I took him in.
My second rescue is Babi, a little black kitty that I adopted from a local rescue organization. 
The third kitty is Raven, and yes, another black kitty. She showed up on my carport one day in March, starving, pregnant and terrified of people. I put fresh food and water out for her every day. Eventually, she would let me sit on my steps while she ate and not run away.

As the days and weeks wore on, she let me get closer and closer to her, until one day she climbed up on my lap, purred, curled up, and went to sleep. I continued to feed her and sit with her every day. I provided a place in my outdoor shed for her to have her kittens as she still was not going to come into my home. I think the other two cats scared her.

She did have her kittens but they did not survive, I think in part because she was so young, and in part because she had been undernourished until I started feeding her. As soon as she had the kittens I took her to my vet and had her checked for all the kitty diseases and had her spayed. She got her shots and I brought her home. My Garfield just loved her and made her feel right at home.

She is now a part of the family, and a sweet and loving kitty. She loves to follow me around and sit on my lap. I have a screened in porch where all three spend a good bit of their day, weather permitting. As we live in Florida, that is most of the time. They are all indoor kitties and are perfectly content with that. We have cat condos, empty boxes, and all 

kinds of kitty toys to keep them amused, and they are all spoiled... as they should be.
Grace Lock