The Beckoning Cat

All my cats are rescues, but I would like to share Maneki's story...

I care for a feral colony of cats in Modesto, CA, and have taken home several cats from that colony. They are very loving and appreciative of a good home with food, beds and of course, lots of toys!
Maneki is a special case in that she was a very sick baby. She had an upper respiratory infection that was so bad, her eyes were gummed shut and her nose was so stuffed she was breathing through her mouth. I was able to go right up to her and pick her up because she could neither see nor hear me coming.

It scared me to see how sick she was, so I called my vet right away and made an appointment to see him as soon as possible. He saw her that afternoon and cleaned her eyes, nose and ears. He gave me an antibiotic to take care of the infections and some eye ointment to ease her eye discharges.

I am pleased to say that she has made a full recovery, which took about a month of diligent care, but worth it. Since then she has been spayed and integrated into my family of fur babies. I have also caught and taken home her twin from that colony. Now both enjoy playing and sleeping together. It makes me extremely happy to see her so happy! At 5 1/2 months old, she is still a youngster that I hope to see live a very long and enjoyable life.

I am sure you are wondering about the name Maneki. It is after the Japanese Lucky Cat or Prosperity Cat that is called Maneki Neko, which is Japanese for "beckoning cat." This just seemed to fit her as she seemed to be beckoning me to come and rescue her. I
named her twin sister Sachi, which means "search" in Japanese. She seemed to be looking for her sister when I took her home.

I have always been a cat lover and have had the pleasure of enjoying my life with many cats. All of the cats that have entered my life have been rescues. I love being able to give a home to those special fur babies. I have just recently started caring for feral cats that were around my work place. The business was sold but I continue to care for the cats.

As for Maneki, she loves to hang around me when I watch TV or read a book. Try doing that with a little bundle of fur sitting on the book or even the computer. She runs to the door when my husband comes home from work, and he gives all the kitties their favorite treat of freeze dried chicken bites.

Maneki is learning to sit up and beg for said treats. We also have a cat pen we built off the side of our house and she loves to go out and watch the birds at the feeders in the yard.

Maneki has added a lot of laughter to our home. Her favorite toy is a plastic ring with bits of straw sticking out of it. Watching her carry this all over the house is hilarious!

Teri Trujillo


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