Stuck in a Tree

I was at a work day at the little country church I attend, and during lunch, my cousin's wife (we're all related in our hick county, lol) mentioned that there was a black cat stuck in a tree at their house (they have barn cats, but they're used to the family's cat-killing dogs).

I said, "Tell you what – I'll come over after we're done and try to get it down."
The tree was quite large; its branches are well off the ground. Even standing on the hood of my car I was about two feet under the nearest branch (I'm a 5' 2" shrimp – everyone's taller than me). Their son, who is (of course) taller than me, stood on my hood and was able to get him.

About half way home, the cat was done exploring the car enough to come snuggle with me; he's been mine ever since. He has big yellow eyes, and although he's not a shorthair, he's without much undercoat (grooming a pet is not my strong suit – I'd do it but then forget for a month).

For about two months, I thought he was a mix of Angora and Bombay-Bengal, but then I saw him on Cats 101. "Steve," (my husband) "Look! It's Fallon!" (French/Welsh for "in charge"). He's a Chantilly.
Gina Brumfield

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