Bella Changed Dad's Mind

I was working one day when one of my patients came in and was asking if we knew anyone who would like a kitten. Someone had dumped her near her house and she already had a lot of animals, so she couldn't keep her. I asked numerous patients at my work that day, and eventually called my father to see if maybe I could keep her.

I had wanted a cat since I was little, but he was always very anti-cat, so we always had a dog in the house. Well I was surprised when he called me back and said yes! But with some rules! The moment I saw her I knew I would never let her go! She was adorable, an all black scruffy kitten.

She still reminds me of a Halloween cat. She is an all black, long hair with smoke fur and pretty green/yellow eyes. When I got her home, all she did was cuddle in my arms with my fleece jacket and sleep. I went back and forth over what to name her and finally decided on Bella.

I took her to the vet the next day so they could check her out and make sure she was in good health. She was underweight, had worms, and was a little cross eyed, but to me she was perfect.

She got along great with the dogs (never scratched or was mean to them) and was easy to train with regard to not jumping on counters and scratching the furniture. She has never liked to be held for long, but she sure loves to rub against, be petted, and lay with you in bed. She is definitely spoiled.

She enjoys sleeping and playing chase around the house with her sometimes cat buddy Charlie. The best part is my Dad loves Bella and I believe he has changed his mind about cats!
Nikki Barr