Angry stray cat terrorises men and dogs outside an Istanbul market - but stays clear of women or children

An angry stray cat attacked men and dogs outside a market, but remains clearly women and children passing by.

CCTV security cameras outside a market in Istanbul have caught the cat in action several times.

The footage shows the cat pouncing on the men and dogs that go through the steps of a market in the area of Bayrampasa of the city

Turkish residents who care for the cat want a vet to examine it to try to work out why it is so aggressive.

They claim that it is normally a very quiet cat, but recently took to embark on men and dogs.

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Neighbor Ali Aydin said that the cat had recently had kittens and could try to defend them against perceived threats.

Mr. Aydin said: "it is not a wild cat, it is accustomed to people. She crosses here every day, taking food from her kittens, we leave the door open for her.

The cat is accustomed to this place. It is not an aggressive cat, but because of its kittens, it attacks. It's a really good cat actually. Maybe someone hurt him.

Beril Gencturk added: I saw several people hitting him. It usually only attacks males and dogs. Maybe there were traumas.
Another resident Ayse Yuksel says, "I've never seen him attack a woman.

Istanbul is famous for its stray cats with an estimate of 30 000 in the city.

Many local people take care of them by giving them refuge and leaving food in the colder winter months.