Almost Thrown Away

On September 9, 2010, I had to send my precious Athena, a beautiful, long haired tux that I had tamed from the wild in my backyard, to The Rainbow Bridge. We had a very special 
relationship. I was DEVASTATED. I went to work the next day, but I just bawled all day.
When I went home, I got on the Internet, looking for another tuxedo. I knew one would/could NEVER replace her, but I knew she would want me to rescue another kitty and give it a loving home like she had. I couldn't find any, other than two that were about two hundred miles away. That was out of the question. I searched all weekend and found nothing.
Back at work on Monday, something told me to look on Craigslist when I got home. Well, the very FIRST entry was for "Free four long haired kittens." One of them was a TUX! Of course, I called right away.
The lady that placed the ad said her neighbor man was going to throw them away!
She said, "No you're not!" So she put them on Craigslist. I said I'd be there right away.
I had always wanted litter mates, so I rescued two... Sheba, my tux, and Venus, my grey and white. They were starving and infested with fleas. When I gave them a bath, the water was RED from their blood!
They are now the most healthy, happy, well adjusted cats. I thank Angel Athena every day for sending me my kitties, because I REALLY believe deep down in my heart that she sent them to me, to love and cherish for the rest of their lives. I highly recommend that anyone who has lost a pet to rescue another pet. They really help to heal your heart.
Jen Hess